Why is a Coolant Flush Important?

Flushing fluids is a repair some auto owners tend to overlook. After all, you can’t see or hear your fluids. It’s easy to tell when you need to replace brake pads or when you need to have an oil change. However, flushing your fluids should be a regular maintenance option just like brakes and oil changes.

One of the most important fluids you’ll need to keep an eye on is the coolant. Coolant flushes are necessary aspects of keeping your vehicle healthy, and are required in order to make sure your car stays running safely.

Read on to learn more about your vehicle’s coolant and how coolant flushes can help your vehicle live a long and happy life.

Why is a Coolant Flush Important?

What is Engine Coolant?

Your vehicle’s coolant is what keeps your car at a regular temperature—it is also frequently referred to as anti-freeze. Without it, a car with unregulated temperatures can run the risk of overheating or freezing depending on the climate. So, needless to say this fluid is crucial to keeping your engine running optimally.

What is a Coolant Flush?

Keeping your coolant system in good shape with regular flushes is incredibly important. A coolant flush is essentially the removal of all the old coolant, and subsequent chemical buildups, from your engine. Then, the entire system is filled with new coolant which help the engine run smoothly once more.

In some instances, conditioners are also added to increase the lifespan of your coolant. These conditioners prevent rust and corrosion.

Why Should I Flush my Coolant Fluid?

Your vehicle’s coolant fluid needs to be flushed every two years or 30,000 miles to ensure it is working at peak efficiency. It your coolant does not work well, your car can be put at risk. A coolant fluid flush helps to remove any rust deposits, scale deposits, contaminants, and any other dangerous buildups present in your coolant system.

Additionally, a coolant flush will also ensure newly added fluid will be able to avoid these problems for as long as possible. Old coolant will eventually lose its anti-acidic properties, making it a huge danger to the inside of your vehicle. Corrosion is a very real problem; it can also occur when there is too much chemical buildup.

It is very important that you avoid the possibility of your coolant becoming acidic. Too much acidity in your cooling system can lead to parts of your system breaking down. Acid will eat away at the water pump, aluminum components of your engine, and rubber hoses. This is expensive to repair, but it is also extremely dangerous to continue driving under these conditions. To make matters worse, it’s often hard to tell whether or not acid is eating away at your car’s insides before it’s too late.

To determine whether or not you need your coolant flushed, visit Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions today. Your local Frederick, MD auto repair shop is here to help you with your coolant system, and we can work together to find a solution. Call us today and make an appointment!

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