Why Are My Headlights Cloudy?

Have you noticed recently that your headlights are cloudy, hazy, or yellowed? You might have even tried to wipe them down, only to notice they seem to be fogged from the inside. Foggy headlights can severely reduce your visibility on the road, creating a dangerous situation. Here’s why your headlights get foggy and what you can do to fix it.

Why Are My Headlights Cloudy?

Why Do Headlights Get Cloudy?

Headlights went from being made of glass to being made of plastic, and that’s where our problem originates. Glass was resistant to fogging, but it was not nearly as strong as plastic. Plastic headlights are covered with a protective film that is meant to keep them from fogging, but this film only lasts for so many years before it begins to deteriorate. Without the film, the polycarbonate plastic begins to oxidize, leading to a foggy and hazy appearance.

What’s the Big Deal?

The big deal is that foggy headlights don’t put out enough light. This reduces your ability to see the road as well as be seen on the road by others. Foggy headlights reduce visibility so much that it is believed 9 out of 10 accidents at night are somehow related to headlight problems. This is why it is so desperately important to have not only working headlights, but clear headlights as well. If you want to avoid serious accidents on the road, it’s time to look into ways to get your headlights clear once more.

What Are Some Solutions?

There are plenty of DIY ways to clean your headlights such as cleaning kits or toothpaste—but these are only temporary solutions. However, the best option will be to have your lenses replaced for the longest lasting option. It might cost a little extra, but it gets the job done right and keeps your headlights sparkling for years. Not to mention you’ll be safer on the road than you would be if you were using toothpaste.

Visit Your Maryland Auto Mechanic!

If you’re in Frederick looking for a way to fix your cloudy headlight problem, Ken’s Automotive & Transmission is the right place for you. Here, you can get your headlight lenses replaced at a very competitive price. We can ensure quality service and even better customer service. Regardless of what state your headlights are in, we can do an inspection and make sure they’re working as well as they should be. We look forward to hearing from you—call us today and make an appointment!

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