What’s That Sweet Smell? It’s Antifreeze!

Smells can tell us a lot about the world around us. They can tell us when something is burning on the stove, when the trash needs to be taken out, or when our vehicle is leaking antifreeze. No matter what kind of smell is coming from your vehicle, you should pay attention and make sure to get it taken care of before the problem escalates. Today we’re going to be talking about antifreeze, what it is, why you need it, and what to do when it’s leaking.

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Antifreeze is Essential for Your Vehicle’s Engine

Your engine gets exceptionally hot when your vehicle is in use. This is why it needs oil to keep its components lubricated. However, during the winter, your engine will probably get very, very cold. To ensure that it doesn’t freeze, we use antifreeze. Pretty simple, right? Antifreeze is added to your vehicle’s cooling system to ensure that the water within doesn’t freeze. However, it also raises the boiling point of that same water so that your engine doesn’t overheat. Overall, antifreeze is what keeps your engine’s temperature at a happy medium.

Antifreeze comes in a wide variety of bright, neon colors. The reason that manufacturers dye the antifreeze is because these colors help to differentiate your antifreeze from other liquids. If you see a large puddle of neon green underneath your car, you automatically know what it is. The sweet smell will help you identify it as well. Please keep in mind that antifreeze’s sweet scent can attract pets and children who may try to ingest it. For obvious reasons, don’t let them!

What Happens When Your Vehicle Loses its Antifreeze?

Without antifreeze, your vehicle is going to have a hard time regulating its temperature. Overheating and freezing are two big problems that will potentially end the life of your car and leave you stranded. Additionally, antifreeze helps to prevent corrosion and hard scaly build-up from ruining your engine.

What Do You Do if Your Antifreeze is Leaking?

If your antifreeze is leaking, there are a few different reasons why this could happen. Your vehicle’s radiator could have a hole in it from wear or damage from road debris. You could also have a blown head gasket, which will lead to a myriad of problems, your antifreeze being one of them. It’s also possible that your antifreeze is leaking from any number of inner hose attachment points when the hoses get stiff. Regardless of why or how your antifreeze is leaking, you need to get it checked out as soon as possible to prevent major damages to your engine.

We’re Here to Address Your Antifreeze Leaks

If you believe your antifreeze is leaking or your vehicle reports a “low coolant” on the dashboard, bring your vehicle into our shop today. We’ll take a look at what’s going wrong and address it so that you can keep rolling! To learn more or to set up an appointment, contact us today. We look forward to serving you.

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