What the Summer Heat Can Do to Your Transmission

As temperatures rise, your car has new problems to deal with. Most importantly — the summer heat can damage your transmission. You can’t go anywhere if your transmission is breaking down, and you don’t want to be surprised by expensive repairs later in the year. To that end, we have a few helpful tips listed below that both explain what the summer heat can do to your transmission and how to stop it. 

what the summer heat can do to your transmission

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Reduced Life Expectancy

Did you know that your transmission is designed to obtain maximum performance at temperatures up to 200 degrees? Unfortunately, once you pass that mark, the life expectancy of your transmission dips dramatically. For every 20 degrees over 200 that you sustain, the life expectancy of the transmission drops by half. 

Check your coolant levels and top off the coolant if needed. Not only does engine coolant keep your car running, but it helps the transmission remain below 200 degrees.

City Traffic Makes it Worse

City traffic — or stop and go traffic — does not allow for air cooling. Your transmission is pulled in every direction, and it could easily overheat on a hot day. If at all possible, avoid city traffic, take a detour, and keep moving. The act of air cooling the transmission simply enhances the effects of your coolant.

Degrading Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid lubricates the gears and ensures smooth shifting. However, transmission fluid degrades at high temperatures. Check your transmission fluid levels often, and visit us at Ken’s Automotive for a flush or so we can choose the best synthetic fluid for your vehicle.

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