What Does Your Car Need to Survive April Showers?

You know what they say, April Showers bring May Flowers. Before we can get to the lovely florals, we need to get through the rain. There are a few things that your vehicle needs to ensure that you get through the wet days safe and sound. Let’s take a look.

A rainy day

How Are Your Windshield Wipers Doing?

To be fair, you’re probably well acquainted with how your windshield wipers are functioning from all the rain and snow in March. However, if they’re not performing as well as they could, it might be time to replace them. For the most part, windshield wipers aren’t terribly expensive and the difference they will make is huge.

How Are Your Tires Doing?

Your tires are one of the most important components of your car. When they aren’t performing well, your overall ride is probably going to suffer. You might even have a tire blowout on you while you’re driving, which can cause some pretty serious accidents. Check in with your tires regularly by taking a good look at them before you drive at least once a day. If they’re looking a little low, reinflate them. If they’re looking a little worn, bring them in for a rotation. If they’re not looking good, we’ll help you replace them.

How Are Your Brakes Doing?

If your brakes aren’t at the top of their game, then it might be time to get them inspected. Even a slight change in the way that your brakes function might indicate that a serious problem is on the horizon. Wet roads require a longer stopping distance as it is and slamming on the brakes is never advisable. Hydroplaning is a serious risk and can lead to fatal crashes. So, make sure you’re staying on top of your brakes to keep yourself safe through April and beyond!

Need Some Help Getting Through the Rainy Season?

Whether you’re looking for new tires or you need to get your brakes checked out, we’re here to help you. Our automotive repair shop in Frederick, Maryland is your premier destination for all things vehicle-related, so contact us today to learn more or to set up an appointment.

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