What Does “Tire Cupping” Mean?

Your tires see a lot of wear and tear as they roll along the road and it’s best that they experience that evenly. When they don’t, and they’re wearing out at different rates throughout the tire, you have a problem on your hands. That problem is known as “cupping”. Let’s take a closer look at this issue, why it happens, and what you need to do next.

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How Do You Know if You Have Tire Cupping?

You can easily identify this problem by taking a look at your tires. Watch for signs of peaks and valleys along the tire’s surface. These “cups”, even if they’re minor, can continue to develop and lead to safety issues on the road. You can also detect tire cupping from the way your vehicle behaves on the road. For example, driving is much noisier than it should be. You may also experience wobbling as you drive. Either way, it’s not safe to drive on cupped tires, so you should get the issue checked out right away when you notice it.

What Caused Your Tires to Become Cupped?

If your suspension is loose, broken, or bent, then your tires can become cupped over time. Tire misalignment or imbalanced wheels can also lead to this issue. However, even something as small as not having your tires properly inflated can lead to cupping over time. Your tires do a lot for you, so make sure to check in with them often and address any issues that come up!

What Can You Do Now?

This depends on how much cupping you’re dealing with. If the problem is very minor, then you may be able to save the tires by properly inflating them or addressing the problem that led to their uneven wear. However, if your tires are experiencing a lot of cupping, then it’s probably too late for them; they’ll need to be replaced. Either way, you should have the problem addressed by a professional as soon as possible. Though tire cupping is a problem within itself, it may only be a symptom of a much larger issue. For the sake of your safety and the safety of the cars around you, it’s time to bring your vehicle in for an inspection!

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