What Does an Alignment do for My Car?

Tire misalignments occur gradually for a variety of reasons. Bumping into a curb, bouncing over a pothole, or general wear and tear can cause your tires to whittle themselves out of proper alignment. The damage? The tread on your tires can wear down, you could be receiving less gas mileage, and it puts a dangerous strain on your steering capabilities. Do you need to have your tires aligned? Read on for some more information about alignments, and what they can do for your car.

What Does an Alignment do for My Car

What is an Alignment?

Your vehicle suspension connects the wheels to its body. This is what is being adjusted when you get your tires aligned. There is a misconception that the tires themselves are being moved, when the suspension is simply controlling where the tires are going to be coming into contact with the pavement. This is where wheel alignment comes into play.

How Do I Know I Need an Alignment?

There are several signs that will show you need a wheel alignment, but their appearance can be so gradual that you don’t notice them. Here’s a quick test–in a safe environment, drive in a straight line, and determine if the wheel is pulling heavily to one side or the other. When driving straight, letting go of the wheel should not cause the car to lean to either direction. Something more noticeable could be your steering wheel vibrating, or your tire tread wearing unevenly.

Why Do I Need a Professional?

Going to your trusted Frederick alignment service is the best way to solve your alignment issues. Firstly, this is because you’ll need a mechanic to properly fix your misalignment. This prevents costly complications, and relieves you of the headache of trying to DIY the project. It’s also just as important to continue visiting the same mechanic time and time again. This way, they’ll be able to tell you whether or not your tires are wearing unevenly, and they’ll also know the exact history of your car. Instead of needing to explain, they’ll have a record of past inspections.

Tire alignment is incredibly important; not only does it keep your tires safe, but it also keeps you safe! Without proper alignment, your tires will have much less life, costing you more in the long run in replacement tires. And, a proper alignment ensures that your steering is as accurate as possible, adding to safety.

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