Value of a Vehicle Health Assessment

People often don’t think about the health of their vehicles until something goes wrong. That is a common mistake that results in drivers paying more for repairs. One way you can ensure that your vehicle is healthy and running efficiently is by getting a vehicle health assessment at least once a year. Here’s what you’ll gain by doing so:

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Know What’s in Working Order

People are used to bringing their vehicle into an auto repair shop and only hearing what’s wrong with their car. When you bring your vehicle into Ken’s Automotive and Transmissions, you also get to hear what’s going right with your vehicle. Your vehicle health assessment will show and explain everything that is in good condition on the vehicle. 


Know What Will Need to be Done in the Future

Your vehicle health assessment also lets you know what work will need to be done in the future. Don’t worry; these are things you won’t immediately have to worry about. These are things that you can plan for, budget for, and have corrected at a future service. You will know in detail what exactly is wrong with your vehicle and how much time you have until it becomes an issue that needs immediate attention.


Know What Needs Immediate Attention

In addition to knowing what’s going right and what will need to be fixed in the future, you will also know what repairs need to be done right now. If you bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop with a concern, we’ll note your concern in the vehicle health assessment. Afterward, we’ll thoroughly check your vehicle to discover the root cause of your concern. After we discover the root cause of your concern, we’ll go on to check the rest of the vehicle to ensure that nothing else is wrong. 


Know Additional Information About Your Vehicle

Your vehicle health assessment also comes with additional notes. These notes may be things that don’t require immediate attention, but they are things you should be aware of. Under these additional notes, you will find pictures of your vehicle. You’ll see pictures of your tires, drive axle, battery, and more! Our goal is 100 percent transparency, and that’s why we thoroughly photograph your vehicle to show you exactly what our technicians saw during your vehicle health assessment. 


Bring Your Vehicle in Today

Now is the time to have your vehicle health inspection. Don’t wait until something goes wrong; bring your vehicle into Ken’s Automotive and Transmissions today to ensure that your vehicle is working properly. Schedule your appointment by clicking here


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