How Tires Help with Traction in Snow

Just before it starts getting cold outside, you should be checking all of your tires to see if they need to be replaced. Why? Because ignoring something as important as traction is what will end up causing an accident.

It’s far too common to see accidents that were either caused or worsened due to a poor set of tires. This can be easily avoided. By having your tires inspected before wintertime, you can determine if you’re still driving safely. Read on see how tires help with traction in snow.

How Tires Help with Traction in Snow

Do You Have the Right Tires?

Sometimes, it’s not enough to have new tires that have barely been used. During the winter, you might need winter tires, especially if you’re going to do a lot of driving in the snow and ice. Even a daily commute will require special winter tires, as mornings can be the frostiest of all.

Keeping your tires up-to-date is important, but it’s equally as vital to ensure that your tires can handle whatever is thrown at them. Certain tries are more apt to driving in icy, snowy conditions—you can ask your local Frederick tire service center to see which tire is right for you and your specific situation.

All-Season Tires Are Not Winter Tires

Though all-season tires are great to have, they aren’t particularly useful in the snow or icy conditions. In fact, winter tires have far more elements to them that make them more efficient.

For instance, the ribs, grooves, spikes, and studs that lie along a winter tire’s surface give it the traction it needs to keep your car from sliding across the ice. On all-season tires, the rib design is very different, and isn’t designed for frequent icy driving.

Don’t Rely on Chains

Many people utilize snow chains for their tires during the winter when the conditions are particularly rough. Snow chains can be incredibly useful, and add another layer of protection to your car when driving in dangerous conditions. However, you shouldn’t rely on these chains to keep you safe.

You should still absolutely invest in winter tires that will help grip onto the ice and snow. With both of these in use, you should have no trouble at all gathering traction.

How Much do Tires Really Help?

Tires are a huge factor in what keeps you safe driving during the winter. Most of staying safe has to do with driving cautiously and rationally, regardless of the conditions. However, a car that is in-shape and completely equipped is always going to be safer.

With winter tires from your tire repair shop, you’ll rest assured knowing you’ve done everything you can to make your car a safer place. Don’t be afraid to give us a call at Ken’s Automotive and Transmissions if you have any questions regarding tires or winter driving.

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