Automotive fluids for your car!

Can You Name the Six Automotive Fluids?

If you are able to name the six automotive fluids then  you are well on your way to keeping your vehicle in tip top shape!


automotive fluids

brake fluid

*Brake Fluid

*Transmission Fluid


*Power Steering Fluid

*Motor Oil

*Windshield Wiper Fluid

Today’s blog will cover the first three automotive fluids….

 *Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is probably, of the six automotive fluids mentioned, is the most looked over! However, brake fluid is an extremely important fluid to maintain for safe driving conditions. By checking your brake fluid regularly you will be in the know if there is a sudden drop in the amount of brake fluid you have. This could be an indicator of a hole or deterioration of a brake line problem. It is best to check your owner’s manual for recommendations of when to change your fluid. It is important to note that this could fluctuate based upon your driving. An average car that drives about 15K miles per year can use your brakes about 65-85K times in that driving period. As brake pads wear out your brake fluid levels will begin to decline. This is why it is important to regularly check your fluid levels.

*Transmission Fluid

Automatic transmission fluids are usually recommended at around 100K miles. This will depend upon your driving. For example, a lot of stop and go, such as city driving, will cause more use of the fluid. If you drive a lot in the city or do a lot of heavy pulling or pushing, such an snow, these may be reasons to have your fluids changed sooner. With heavy and hostile driving conditions it may be necessary to change your transmission fluids every 30-50 K miles.  When checking transmission fluid make sure it is free of debris and metal flakes and also, in most vehicles, it should be a nice pink color. If the fluid is dark this will be  a good indicator that it is time to change the fluid.


The purpose of coolant fluid is to remove any excess heat that may come from the radiator. Coolant also known as antifreeze, when having chemicals added to prevent from freezing, are actually one in the same. Changing coolant fluids will depend upon your manufacturer’s recommendations, please check your owner’s manual.  Coolant fluid helps lubricate moving parts to lessen friction and it helps prevent corrosion.

Come back in April for the other three automotive fluids needed for your car!



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