Should I Use Premium Gas?

When you pull up to a gas station, do you know what you’re actually getting? You may be used to putting a certain type of gas in your vehicle, but how do you know if it’s the best type of gas for your vehicle? Some drivers opt for premium gas, but is it really the right choice? Keep reading to learn more about premium gas and when you should use it.

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What is Premium Gas? 

Premium gas is generally considered any type of gas that has an octane level of 91 or greater. Most gas stations in the United States usually have 91 octane or 93 octane level gas. For reference, “midgrade” gasoline usually has 89 octane levels, while “regular” gasoline has an octane level of 87. 

When Should You Get Premium Gas?

If your car doesn’t call for premium gas, you aren’t doing it any favors by filling it up with premium gas. If your vehicle’s manual suggests premium gas, it’s for a reason. Vehicles that require premium gas have high-compression engines, turbochargers, and other high-performance aspects. These vehicles can benefit from premium gasoline, but it’s not required. If you choose not to fill these types of vehicles with premium gas, it won’t necessarily hurt the engine. But, you could lose some of the performance from your premium engine. 

“Top Tier” Gasoline

“Top Tier” gasoline is an official designation from the Environmental Protection Agency that recognizes gas that meets a minimum standard of performance and cleanliness. “Top Tier” gas can help you save on maintenance costs in the long run. That’s because this type of gas is equipped with a higher percentage of detergent additives that prevent plaque buildup from gasoline deposits. “Top Tier” gas can be found in premium and regular gas form. 

How to Decide Between Regular and Premium Gas

If you’re still considering filling your vehicle up with premium gas, consider your vehicle’s weight and age before doing so. If you have an older, heavier vehicle with high-performance engines and you are experiencing engine knock, consider filling your vehicle up with premium gas a few times to see if that fixes the problem. This is the only instance when it’s a good idea to fill your vehicle with premium gas when it’s not recommended by the manufacturer.

Keep Your Vehicle Moving With Ken’s Automotive and Transmissions 

In addition to selecting the right gas at the pump, having a trusted mechanic to maintain your vehicle will help extend its lifetime. The automotive experts here at Ken’s Automotive and Transmissions are here to help. No matter if you need reliable auto advice or auto maintenance services in MD, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call now at (301) 662-5100 to schedule an appointment. 

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