Tire Services

Need some new tires? We have a large range of tire selections to help you get the right tire for your vehicle and driving conditions. We provide tire services for any car and truck in Frederick, MD. Our experienced staff will help you decide what type of tire best suits your needs.

Why does my steering wheel shake? Why is my car pulling to one side?
These are questions we can answer for you right here at Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions!

Here are just a few of the tire services our shop offers:

  • Tire Mounting
  • Tire Balancing
  • Tire Rotation
  • Wheel Alignments

Please do not forget to ask about our Tire Protection Plan to keep your investment safe.

Do I need all season tires for winter?

Your all season tires can be driven in any type of weather. Although, you can use all season tires in the winter it may not be a good idea or option for you. To use snow tires or all season tires depends on the area you live in, if you get a good amount of snow and sleet it is highly recommended to have winter tires. In this type of environment winter tires are sure to improve your safety and the drivability of your vehicle. If the weather starts to warm however, it is best to remove the snow tires and replace with summer or all season tires.  The friction from the road, due to the warmer weather, will actually start breaking down the tread of snow tires because of the softer rubber that is used to make snow tires.

What is the difference between all season tires and winter tires?

Winter tires, or snow tires, are made of a softer rubber and this helps the tire to grip closer to the pavement in inclement weather. Snow tires are also made differently in the terms of tire tread. The tread will vary in width and depth and this also helps in maintaining your traction while driving in snow and slush. Through slush, snow, mud and cold temperatures you can continue to use your snow tires.

Remember to schedule a wheel alignment when getting new tires on your vehicle!

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We carry the following popular tire brands.