Suspension and Steering

Shocks and Struts in Frederick, MD

If you are experiencing issues with how your car handles on the road, it is possible that your vehicle is due for steering or suspension repair. Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions provides steering and suspension service, repair and/or replacement. If you have been in a small accident, such as a bender fender, this can absolutely cause strut and hock damage to your car.

Front Suspension Diagram

Why is my car bouncing when I hit the brakes?

Your car’s suspension system keeps your tires in contact with the road and helps your vehicle drive smoothly. There are numerous components to a Suspension System but you are probably most familiar with the shocks and struts. Both are wear parts that may need to be replaced at some point.

Here are a few signs that your suspension system could need some work:

  • Why do I feel every nook and cranny in the road?
  • Why does it feel like my car is going to roll over when turning?
  • Why is my car lunging forward when I stop?
  • Why is my car bouncing when while I am driving?
  • Why does my car feel like it is leaning back when I step on the gas?

 Bounce Test: While your car is parked go to the front of the car and put all your weight on the vehicle. If it bounces 3 or more times, then you more than likely need new shocks and struts.

Rear Suspension Diagram

Why is my car pulling to one side?

Steering problems can often be related to suspension issues, or they can occur on their own for no reason at all. Some of the symptoms of steering problems include:

  • Steering wheel wanders back and forth
  • Steering is hard, especially at low speeds
  • Tires are wearing abnormally or prematurely

Steering problems can also be causing your tires to be out of alignment. If the problem is in the steering system itself, it will usually mean trouble with the power steering assembly. This could be anywhere from it leaking power steering fluid or maybe the steering pump is failing. Rest assured our ASE-certified mechanics will make sure you leave Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions in a vehicle that is safe to drive!

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