Oil Change

The single most important thing you could ever do in keeping your vehicle safe, reliable and in good driving condition is to maintain regular oil change service.

Does my vehicle need regular or synthetic oil?

Oil ChangeWhat type of oil you use will help determine how often you will need to change your vehicle’s oil. Synthetic oil will last longer and you can usually go about 5K to 8K between oil changes. Synthetic oil is more costly but you have fewer oil changes. If you use regular oil, we recommend an oil change every 3-5K miles.

Older vehicles usually require regular oil, while the newer vehicles will recommend the synthetic oil. It is best to check your owner’s manual for your car’s needs and the recommended frequency for your oil change. Some people will switch from regular oil to the synthetic oil. It is best to consult an automotive repair shop to see if this is an option for your vehicle.

Oil Change Service

When you bring your vehicle to Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions for your oil change we will also perform a FREE courtesy checklist on your vehicle. This will uncover any safety issues that should be addressed immediately or any suggested service or repair that can be prioritized and budgeted for a later appointment.

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