Brake Repair

Ok, you hear a funny noise and you are wondering, is it my brakes? It possibly could be. If you think your vehicle may be in need of a brake repair, give us a call!

Signs your vehicle needs brake repair

Brake repair frederick mdYou can start by checking your brake pads. Just look through the little spaces in your tire and you will see a metal foot touching on your brake pads. Typically, there should be about 1/4 inches of pad left. If less, please get them replaced immediately.

Do you hear a loud scraping or grinding noise? This could be your disc and calipers rubbing together. This is two pieces of metal rubbing together and causing heat and friction. This means you have no brake pads. They have been completely worn down. This could be very dangerous.

Vibration when pushing on brakes? This could indicate your rotors are warped. The brake pads are not touching the surface evenly. You will most likely need brake pads and rotors. This could be costly.

Pulling to the side? This could indicate debris in the brake fluid, meaning you need a brake flush to clean out the dirt and grime. It could also mean your brake linings are uneven.

Brakes are a serious safety issue. Proper maintenance and checkups are crucial in both safety and keeping repair costs down.

Give us call and we will be happy to inspect your brakes for you.

Peace of mind and safety depend on regular brake services.