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Buy 5 Get 3 Free Oil Changes!

The Oil Change 8-Pack Club

Save big with Ken’s Automotive & Transmission’s oil change special—buy 5 and get 3 free! This card never expires, and since you’ll be paying for oil changes anyway why not save big?

Oil changes are priced to your individual car, and pricing itself is based on your make and model as well as the type of oil and filter your vehicle needs.

  • 8-pack Card Never Expires
  • Must Buy 5 Oil Changes at One Time
  • One 8-pack Card per Vehicle
  • Cannot be Used on Multiple Cars

Ken's Automotive Frederick, MD Oil Change Service 8-Pack Promotion

If you’re interested in saving big on your future oil changes, give us a call today and get your 8-pack over the phone or simply pick one up the next time you’re in our shop.

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