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Loyalty Points Program

Earn Points from Your Regular Repairs

Earn points towards your future auto repairs services with Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions Loyalty Points Program. This is a one-of-a-kind Frederick, MD auto repair loyalty program rewarding clients for their repeat business with an amazing deal!

How Do I Earn Loyalty Points?

To earn loyalty points, visit Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions for your future automotive repair services. Here are some of the ways you can earn points:

  • 50 points for activating your new account
  • 300 points by referring a friend
  • 150 points simply for keeping your scheduled appointment
  • Earn points based on your repair order amount

Ken's Auto Loyalty Points Program

The MyCarVitals App

The MyCarVitals App is a way for you to receive personalized service recommendations from us. It will also keep you appraised of your current Loyalty Points rewards balance so you know how many points you have to spend. To download this app, search “MyCarVitals” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Keep Track of Repairs Under “My Dashboard”

Your “My Dashboard” is a robust tool with great customization. This dashboard lets you check your vehicle history, know what repairs were completed and when, keep track of your maintenance schedule, check your points balance, and much more! We are a Digital Shop and we help you keep up with everything your car needs through both your Dashboard and your “MyCarVitals” app. You can get your “My Dashboard” login in our welcome email or by calling us.

What Can I Get With my Loyalty Points?

Your loyalty points can help you save money on your future repairs. For starters, 400 points amounts to $20 a credit on your next visit. Loyalty points are good for all work at Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions except for tires, oil changes, and in combination with any other offers. This is because these services are already offered at deep discounts.

How Do I Use my Loyalty Points?

The first step to using your loyalty points in ensuring you have an account. Then, let us know when you’re making your appointment that you have points you’d like to use—we will handle the rest for you.

How Many Loyalty Points do I Have?

To check the balance of your Ken’s Automotive and Transmissions Loyalty Points, download MyCarVitals—a free to use mobile app. The app lets you keep track of all your vehicles history as well as your loyalty points. It also allows you to make appointments.

For more information on the Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions loyalty points program, give us a call at 301-662-5100 or fill out the form on our website, today!

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