Why Oil Changes are Necessary

You’ve probably heard you should change your oil every few months, or every 3,000 miles. In fact, your mechanic will usually put a little sticker on your windshield indicating when you should get your next oil change. It’s easy for many of us to ignore this mileage number, though. But it’s important we don’t ignore these stickers—oil changes are necessary.

While, a car can technically run for quite a few thousand miles past its recommended change number, you shouldn’t. In fact, you can drive a car until it dies without getting an oil change–but here’s why getting your oil changed is how you’re going to keep your vehicle for years to come, while giving yourself a pleasant driving experience.

Why Oil Changes are Necessary

Keeps Your Car Running For Years

Your vehicle can last for a very long time if it’s given proper care. Frequent oil changes have more of an impact on longevity than you might think, and it’s for a very simple reason. Dirty oil that builds up over time can clog components and cause an engine to work harder than it should. An engine constantly pushing itself to the limit is going to quickly wear out. This leaves you with a dead car that could have lasted you for many more miles. A year’s worth of oil changes at a local Frederick, MD auto mechanic averages under $200—much less than a new car.

Stops Engine From Overheating

These days, cars have advanced in technology—overheating engines are quite a rare problem, compared to twenty or thirty years ago. However, that doesn’t mean an overheated engine is impossible. Oil prevents excessive friction within the components of your vehicles. Friction creates a lot of dangerous heat leading to overheated engines. With dirty or low oil, these components won’t be able to function without creating vast amounts of friction, leading to an overheated engine.

Prevents a Dirty Engine

Cleaning your engine can be quite a pricey job. It’s something you’ll want to avoid at all costs, and the best way to avoid it is to have regular maintenance done to your vehicle. Oil changes are included in this. When an engine becomes clogged with dirty oil and buildup, cleaning it will be necessary. If you ignore oil changes, and continue to push your engine under extreme circumstances, you’ll end up with a disgusting engine and a lengthy repair bill.

Your engine works harder when the conditions are extreme. If you live somewhere with plenty of hills and mountains, your engine is pushing itself to the limit all the time. You’ll need more frequent oil changes, in this case. Extremely hot or cold weather is also something that should be considered, whether you’ve been driving during a heat wave, or you live in the tropics. Long drives can also wear on your engine. Add this into your mileage consideration, and determine with your Frederick, MD mechanic just how often you’ll need an oil change for your engine to stay healthy.

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