My Car Will Not Come Out of First Gear

Delaying or having to change your plans due to an automotive malfunction is a pain. Trust us, nothing can throw a wrench in your day like not being able to drive your car. The transmission is an essential part of your vehicle, but sometimes they can break down, and leave your car stuck in first gear.

frederick car stuck in first gear car repair - My Car Will Not Come Out of First Gear

You Have a Stuck Solenoid

Automatic transmissions shift gears due to the action of the solenoids. A solenoid is a coil of wire that is used to power a switch or a starter, and they’re used by your vehicle’s computer to determine your speed and which gear should be used. Your car’s computer sends electrical signals to the solenoids, opening them up allowing transmission fluid to flow through them and allowing the gears to shift. However, sometimes these solenoids can get stuck and can prevent your car from shifting gears entirely.

The most common cause of a stuck solenoid is the failure to replace your transmission fluid when you should. Over time, small bits of metal and other debris will get into the fluid (if you’ve ever seen black transmission fluid, this is what causes it). And this is what leads a solenoid to become blocked. Our experts at Ken’s Automotive & Transmission  recommend flushing/changing transmission fluid every 30K miles.

Your Transmission is in “Limp Mode”

Your car’s computer makes all of the gear shifts based on the solenoids and the readings it gets from them. But what if it’s getting bad readings? Or no readings at all? If your computer has problems receiving signals it will go into what is referred to as “limp mode.” Limp mode is a safety feature that will keep your car stuck in either 2nd or 3rd gear if the computer can’t get accurate readings from the solenoids.

It’s meant to allow you to drive to a transmission repair shop without damaging your transmission. So if your car is stuck in gear, it could be in limp mode, and if this is the case, you should seek the aid of a Frederick, MD auto repair specialist immediately.

Work With an Experienced Frederick, MD Auto Repair Mechanic

Not that older vehicles were “simple,” but modern vehicles are much more complicated than their mechanical brethren of the past. Fixing an issue with your car’s transmission could be a simple fix, or it could be something that takes time to diagnose and fix. If you’re having trouble with your vehicle’s transmission, or if your car is stuck in first gear, then you should seek the assistance of a trained Frederick, MD auto repair mechanic.

Here at Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions, we have provided auto repair services to Frederick for years and we have cleaned our share of gears. Give us a call today, our team of Frederick, MD auto repair specialists is standing by ready to help you in any way possible.

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