How Can I Make My Tires Last Longer?

Having to replace a car’s tires prematurely can be a real inconvenience for Frederick, MD drivers. Some tire problems are unavoidable, like a puncture from a sharp object that you unknowingly drive over. But that doesn’t mean tire maintenance isn’t worthwhile! There are plenty of effective ways to make your tires last longer without breaking the bank. Here are some vital practices for keeping your tires in good shape and avoiding an unexpected splurge on new tires for your vehicle.

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Check Tire Pressure Often

Although some drivers check their tire pressure at home, you don’t need to purchase a fancy tool to effectively monitor the pressure of your tires. The next time you head to the pump to fill up your gas tank, look around for a sign that says “AIR” at your local gas station. Using this machine typically only costs you a couple of quarters, if any, and will allow you to both a) check the current pressure level of each tire and b) fill any that are reading at lower than the factory-recommended PSI. If you find yourself needing to fill your tires frequently, have your vehicle inspected by a Frederick, MD tire maintenance shop.

Have Your Tires Rotated and Balanced

When it comes to keeping your tires in good shape, it’s the small investments in vehicle maintenance that will save you from having to spend a lot on replacement. Having your tires rotated and balanced is vital to ensuring even wear and doesn’t require an additional trip to the auto repair shop, either. This maintenance should be performed just as often as you get an oil change, so having a trusted mechanic take care of both services at once can save you time and money.

Get Your Vehicle Aligned

When your car is out of alignment, tires will often experience uneven wear. When you’re in this situation, rotating your tires may only provide a temporary fix, if any at all. Additionally, a misaligned vehicle is hazardous to drive and has a higher chance of getting in an accident. To avoid this, it’s essential to bring your car into your Frederick, MD tire maintenance shop for regular alignments. This will help ensure your tires are wearing properly and help extend their life.

Your Frederick, MD Tire Maintenance Experts

Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions is here to help you extend the life of your vehicle and keep you as safe as possible while driving. Our expert auto technicians are equipped with the best tools and practices for performing tire maintenance in Maryland. Give us a call to schedule maintenance today and get peace of mind that your vehicle will be safer on the road this year.

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