Getting Your Car Ready for Winter

Did you know that you can avoid no-starts, frozen doors and windows, engine freeze-ups, and accidents just by taking appropriate steps to prepare your car for winter? Preparing your vehicle for harsh winter conditions is not only part of being a responsible driver, but it’s also part of being a safe driver. Follow these tips for getting your car ready for winter. 


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Check Tire Tread Depth 

Winter road conditions can be slippery and hazardous. The last thing you want is to have tires that can’t handle well in less-than-ideal conditions. One way you can ensure that your tires are up to the task is by checking their tread depth. Worn-out tires with shallow tread are especially dangerous during the winter because that means your tires can’t channel water from under the tread and you risk hydroplaning. So be sure to check to see if your tires have a tread depth of at least 4/32 inches.


Test Your Car Battery

You don’t want to end up stuck at home or somewhere else because your car battery dies. Car batteries have a limited life, and you don’t want to wait for yours to die. Instead, check to see its condition before it’s too late. You can check the condition of your car’s battery, starter, and entire charging system with a computerized battery tester. If it indicates that your car battery is dying, it’s a good idea to replace it before winter arrives. 


Clean Battery Terminals

In addition to checking the overall condition of your car’s battery, you should also check and clean its terminals. That’s because corrosion buildup on battery posts and terminals can cause hard starting problems in cold weather and prevent your charging system from recharging your battery. 


To clean your battery’s terminals, start by disconnecting the negative cable and then the positive one. Using soap and water or baking soda solution and a brush, scrub away any corrosion, grease, and acid residue on the cable terminals and reconnect them afterward. 


Refill Windshield Wiper Fluid

During the winter, salt from the ground and other types of debris can build up on your windshield and limit your ability to see. Not being able to properly see out your windshield is dangerous. To stay safe this winter, you can refill your windshield wiper fluid and keep it full all winter long. That way, you can always rest assured knowing that you’ll have clean windows. 


Have Your Vehicle Professionally Serviced

When you bring your car to an auto mechanic for preventive winter maintenance, you limit the chance of something going wrong with your vehicle throughout the winter. Bring your vehicle into a professional auto repair shop in MD to have your car serviced. Your auto technician will do a full inspection, top off fluids, and repair anything that needs to be repaired. 


Prepare Your Car for Winter with Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions

Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions has been helping drivers throughout Frederick County maintain their cars since 1968. We service all types of vehicles – from foreign to domestic. Bring your car into our Frederick, MD auto repair shop to prepare your vehicle for harsh winter weather. Click here to schedule an appointment. 


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