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What Does the Light on my Dashboard Mean?

Your vehicle is programmed to light up a specific light on your dashboard when something goes wrong. Each of those lights can mean a variety of different things from low tire pressure lights to the check engine light. When you run into a dashboard light which isn’t very descriptive, like the check engine light, bring your vehicle into your Frederick, MD vehicle diagnostic service for help.

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Comprehensive Diagnostic Services

Here at Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions, we specialize in figuring out even the most complex of problems. So if you keep having a pesky dash light come on even after it has been serviced, bring it into Ken’s. As part of our Frederick, MD vehicle diagnostic services we will figure out what is cause your dash light to come on, and then fix the issue. Once we know the repair is complete, we will road test the vehicle to ensure the light doesn’t return.

Your Frederick, MD Auto Mechanic

Here at Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions, we’re a locally owned and operated Frederick, MD auto mechanic. Our mechanics live in the area which means our customers are practically our neighbors—and we treat them as such! When you bring your vehicle into Ken’s you know you’re getting a quality repair at a fair and honest price.

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