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Frederick, MD Exhaust System Repair Services

What Does a Vehicle’s Exhaust System Do?

Your vehicle’s exhaust system performs many important activities for your car. Exhaust systems reduce noise and limit the amount of harmful emissions your vehicle can produce. In short, a working system is better for you, your vehicle, and the environment!

So if you think you’re experiencing issues with your exhaust system, it’s a good idea to have a trusted Frederick, MD auto repair shop inspect it right away.

Common Signs of Exhaust Problems

Are you experiencing excess vibration, an increase in noise, or a decrease in fuel efficiency? These are some of the more common symptoms of damage to your exhaust system.

  • Sounds like coins bouncing around in a tin can? Could be the catalytic converter.
  • Sounds like a louder, lower exhaust? Could be a hole in your exhaust system.
  • Vibration in your steering wheel? Again, could mean a hole somewhere in the system.

When you bring your vehicle into your mechanic, try and recall as best you can what you are doing when the issue occurs and the noises you heard. This will help your Frederick, MD exhaust system repair service in diagnosing and repairing the issue.

Frederick, MD Exhaust System Repair Shop

End-to-end Exhaust System Service Center

Here at Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions we can diagnose and repair a wide-variety of problems with your vehicle. We can perform anything from a full exhaust system replacement in Frederick, MD to some other common exhaust system repair services including:

  • Faulty oxygen sensors
  • Holes in exhaust system
  • Rusted exhausts system components
  • Catalytic converter replacement
  • Muffler replacement
  • Exhaust manifold repair or replacement
  • and more…

Your Trusted Frederick, MD Exhaust Service Shop

Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions has served Frederick, MD since 1968. Over the years, we’ve seen every issue you can imagine when it comes to exhaust system repairs in Frederick, MD. In addition to our years of local experience, Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions is also a certified ATI shop—which puts us in the top 2% of the national automotive industry!

For more information on our exhaust system repair services, or to schedule an appointment, give Ken’s Automotive & Transmission a call today at 301-662-5100 or you can schedule an appointment with our online form.

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