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Frederick, MD Oil Change Service

A Quick, Affordable Oil Change

Oil changes should not take all afternoon. After, all, you have places to go! That’s why you should work with an experienced mechanic who can get your vehicle in and out the door not only in a timely manner, but with the added attention to detail to ensure everything is performed correctly.

Frederick, MD Oil Change Coupons and Savings

Here at Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions we have a few incentive programs for repeat customers. We want to make sure your vehicle is running it’s best so that no major repairs are ever needed. To properly do this, we need to see your vehicle during it’s regularly scheduled maintenance; and this includes oil changes.

We offer a variety of incentives to help you save money on an oil change in Frederick, MD by getting it done here at Ken’s:

Frederick, MD Oil Change Services

Do My Vehicle need Regular or Synthetic Oil?

As a general rule of thumb, most vehicles use synthetic oils; but there are a few instances where conventional oil makes sense. For example, older vehicles can use conventional oil because it has less propensity to leak as it is less free-flowing. That said, these types of situations are best discussed with your local Frederick, MD oil change service.

Our Frederick, MD Oil Change

Oil changes are the single most important regular maintenance item for your vehicle. Rather than simply “getting it done,” take your car to a trusted Frederick, MD auto maintenance service; we will not only change your oil, but perform a quick inspection of the major safety items on your vehicle as well.

Wouldn’t you want to know if you vehicle has a major safety issue—especially if that information was free? That’s the type of service you get with Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions!

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