Are You Ready for Summer Driving in 2019?

Before you set off on your annual summer road trip, you need to make sure your vehicle is ready to make the journey. Though daily driving certainly puts some strain on your car, going a long distance can really point out the issues that you may not have noticed and with the heat of summer, this can be even more so. If you don’t make sure they’re taken care of before you leave, then you might find yourself stranded half-way to Disney World and no one wants that.

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Don’t Let Your Car Overheat

Though things are certainly going to heat up under the hood, you don’t want your engine to get too hot. Thankfully, your vehicle has a coolant system in place to keep everything cool. However, before July rolls around, you will definitely want to make sure that it’s operating as it should.

Don’t Let Yourself Overheat

Sitting through traffic in the middle of summer without air conditioning is no way to live. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can also contribute to feelings of fatigue and distraction. Make sure your air conditioning is working before the temperature gets too high and you’ll be ready for the first summer scorcher.

Don’t Let Your Drive Get Rained Out

Many drivers take their windshield wipers for granted and only really think about them when it rains. However, if this summer is anything like last summer, then it’s going to rain quite a bit and you won’t want your windshield wipers to quit on you as you’re trying to get home through a torrential downpour.

Don’t Let Your Tires Get Tired

Though you should be checking on your tires throughout the year, the more extreme seasons like Summer and Winter will require extra vigilance. Do a quick visual check everyday before you get into your car to get a sense of what’s going on with your tires and if you notice cracks, uneven wear, or anything else that seems off, get it taken care of before they fail. If you’re going on a long trip, you should also take a moment to check on the spare tire to make sure it’s functional in case of emergency.

Ken’s Automotive and Transmissions Can Get You Ready for Summer!

Before the weather gets too hot, you need to make sure that your vehicle is ready. Thankfully, we can handle every aspect of your vehicle’s repair and maintenance right here in out Frederick Maryland auto repair shop. Contact us today to learn more or set up your appointment here!

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